7 Foods You Should Never Throw Away Again

September 3, 2012

  Sometimes my fridge looks like this. It is a magical place full of vibrant, colorful produce and fresh-off-the-farm eggs. This is when I love my fridge most of all. I can grab an orange or carrot if I need something quick, but I also have all the makings of a balanced and delicious meal […]

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Day 24: 24 Things I Learned From The 24 Day Challenge

April 24, 2012

One should not pregame a cleanse by eating lots of junk food. It actually makes the transition much more difficult. Never attempt a challenge without a friend going through the same thing. You can celebrate Easter without candy. Hangovers are worse during a cleanse. Your food preferences/tolerances really can change so quickly. When I eat […]

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(New) Beginnings

January 1, 2012

Me: I just ate like 4 different fried foods for lunch…how can I pen a weightloss blog today! Leslie: Sounds like a perfect first sentence. I’ve been meaning to start this blog since blogs were conceptualized. At first the only thing holding me back was the fact that I didn’t have an awesome design. I […]

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