Tips & Tricks for Tastier Oven Fries

May 20, 2012

One of my most common junk food cravings is french fries. My personal fast food faves when it comes to fries are Chick-fil-a (duh), McDonalds, and Five Guys. Each are uniquely fabulous and addictive and if eating them is wrong then I don’t want to be right. Unfortunately my “fast food french fries eaten” to […]

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1 Week Post Challenge: Where Is She Now?

May 2, 2012

My apologies for falling off the face of the blogosphere. After 24 consecutive days of blogging I needed a little break. To my reader who calls my blog her daily dessert, I am especially sorry. I would never wish a week without dessert upon anyone. I am now officially one week past the challenge. If […]

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Day 16: Highs And Lows

April 16, 2012

One of my favorite childhood dinner memories besides the aforementioned massive quantities I consumed was a game we played at the dinner table called “Highs And Lows.” Basically we would go around in a circle and talk about our most favorite (“High”) and least favorite (“Low”) part of our respective days. This may be a […]

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Know Thyself

February 11, 2012

Last Sunday I was running around town (and by running I of course mean driving) and I got a craving for ice cream – particularly from Cold Stone Creamery. I’m always one for indulgences and this weakness was only augmented by my circumstances: (1) I just turned 25 on Friday and therefore it was still […]

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Treat Yo Self

January 4, 2012

My sister, Mary, has a favorite T.V. show-‘Parks and Recreation.’ It is the foundation of many of her conversations and so, efficient lady that she is, she has taken to calling it ‘Parks & Rec’ or, if she’s in a real hurry, ‘PNR.’ (This is often confusing because her second favorite thing to talk about […]

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