My Optimal Health Wish List

by carolyn on December 19, 2013

I hope that you’ve compiled all of your latest wants and distributed the holiday wish list to all of your nearest, dearest, and wealthiest friends and family. Here’s a peek at my list as it compares to Amy Grant’s “Grown-Up Christmas List.”

Grown-Up Christmas ListI’ll let you draw your own conclusions about the dichotomy between our lists and whose list will bring its author a better Christmas. I suspect that come Christmas Day I’ll be snuggled up in a new comforter, rocking a monogrammed scarf, and sippin’ on some Grey Goose. What will Amy be doing?

In one of my latest reads, Discover Your Optimal Health by Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen, Dr. A stresses the importance of discovering (and writing!) what is truly motivating you to change your health. Two of my favorite questions he poses are “What are you most excited about accomplishing?” and “How do you see the creation of sustainable health changing your life?”. To that end, here is My Optimal Health Wish List:

1. Ease of Travel: If you know me at all you know that I’m obsessed with returning to Australia and travel in general. I want to see literally every continent. That’s right–all 7. Count ’em. This lofty ambition will take a significant amount of flying and thanks to my job I already spend a good bit of time up in the air. I would love to be able to hop on a plane without the stress of knowing that if I’m flying Coach/Economy, my arms will  end up in the seats to either side of me, much to my seatmates’ chagrin. I don’t want to be a person that people fear sitting next to because I take up more space than Delta has allotted me.

2. Elevated and Sustainable Energy: When I let myself dream big, there are a multitude of things I want to accomplish on both a daily basis and in life at large that require more energy than I have at present. I want to be one of those awe inspiring ladies who can put in 12 hours at work, hit the gym, and then maybe go raise a family, be the best wife ever, or rock a few hobbies. Maybe I’ll write a bestseller every year or two. I dream of running (me? running?) with my dogs, Colby and Emma. They are so happy when they run and I want to share that happiness with them. 

3. Sleeping: Rarely am I blessed with a decent night’s sleep that isn’t drug induced. Even with Ambien and Melatonin I often only sleep 4 hours or so. This continues night after night until I’m so fatigued that I require several nights of extra sleep or frequent napping. I imagine that in my best health, this will be much improved.

4. Stress-free Pictures: It seems that every year there’s a certain pose or two trending. This year girls are standing with one arm akimbo. I’m usually sporting something sleeveless because Hello, I live in Georgia. My upper arms are not such that they can be beautifully captured akimbo without heavy fabric covering them. This plagues me!

5. Shopping Anywhere: My earliest clothes shopping memories are of the Women’s department of Belk at the age of 8 or so. I’ve only ever been able to shop in special departments or plus size specialty stores. My banking account will rue the day that I can walk into any store (Banana Republic, Anthropologie, Francescas, Oh My!), and be able to actually try on clothes instead of bee-lining for the purses and jewelery. I can’t wait. :-)

I hope that my list inspires you to jot down a few unique motivators to help you make healthy choices today!

(If you’re interested in snagging the New York Times Bestseller, Discover Your Optimal Health, for yourself, you can buy one from my trainer and Health Coach, Katy. If you want a testimonial, call my mama. After reading it she purchased 10+ copies! She wants everyone in her life to reach their optimal health.)

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