Dinner For One: A Love Story

by carolyn on May 7, 2012

Once upon a time there was a gorgeous, talented, hilarious and, yes, even somewhat brilliant lady. You would expect that there would be a man in her life with a similar description but the good Lord usually did not see fit to bring such men into her life unless of course they were gay or married.

The lady loved to cook. As evidenced by her size, she was more or less raised in the kitchen. As a child she and her sisters and cousins spent one day each year with their Nana baking thousands of cookies for the family’s holiday season. Her Nana also taught her how to make traditional Southern meals like fried chicken, pole beans, mashed potatoes, and a special noodle and gravy sauce. Her mom made a homemade spaghetti sauce from a recipe so worn that you could barely read the handwritten instructions. Her dad manned the grill like only a suburbanite could and was known for a steak so phenomenal that the lady turned up her nose at the finest steak houses in all the land. The Palm and Ruth’s Chris steaks paled in comparison to that which she grew up feasting on. On the rare occasion that she was forced to dine at such establishments, she ordered lobster instead of steak.

Baking, Cooking, grilling, and eating were essential to her way of life. But more so than that, it was cooking for other people and eating with them which truly fed her soul. Few things gave her more delight than mixing up a batch of cookies to surprise a friend or preparing her own special spaghetti recipe for a loved one. She yearned for their approval and appreciation. In some ways food was love and anything connected to meal time found a special niche in the lady’s heart.

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Once she moved out on her own, she struggled with meal time. She hated the idea of cooking just for herself. It was as if she thought she didn’t deserve the attention and time that preparation and cooking required. She resigned herself to her bachelorette fate and found herself saving pizza and Chinese restaurant numbers in her phone because she called for delivery so frequently.

How long could she live like this? Has she heard of MSG? Did she spend hundreds of dollars on delivery fees/tips alone? Did she fall in love with a delivery boy?

to be continued


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