Day 8: Easter Sunday

by carolyn on April 8, 2012

I couldn't resist

Okay I do go on other Sundays, sometimes. But to be honest, and I will because it’s Easter, I haven’t really found a church home since moving back to Savannah. I LOVE singing so I joined a choir at a local Catholic church for a quick minute so I could sing. After a few months I suppose I lost interest. I was raised Methodist and went to a Presbyterian college so in a way my flirt with Catholicism was a bit of a rebellious act. Don’t worry…I’m not the wild child I was six months ago.

My favorite part of Easter Sunday at my parents’ church is the Hallelujah Chorus at the end of the service. They invite people from the congregation to join the choir in the choir loft to belt out this classic number. Having been in many choirs for many years, I have had multiple occasions to sing this song. I particularly love this setup though because its a special opportunity to sing with my family. We are all musically gifted in various ways – except Mom. (Not to call her out or anything). At this point my youngest sister, Michelle, and my dad are in the church choir, so they were already up there. I all but ran to the choir loft when it was time for the Hallelujah Chorus so I could stand next to Michelle.

I was much less excited about the post-church Easter luncheon at my parents’ house because I worried about the food choices I would make.  We dispensed with the Easter baskets this year since we are getting older and none of us really need a pound of candy.  Instead I got a lovely peacock bracelet that I picked out from Habersham Antiques during yesterdays’ girls day.

Peacock Bracelet!

However, that still left the meal as a potential threat to my cleanse. These are some words I would use to describe how I usually feel after a holiday meal, or a meal at my parents’ house in general: stuffed, drunk, and potentially ill.

What would cause these feelings? Massive consumption of my favorite foods/drink which happen to comprise our typical family meal: grilled kielbasa and steak, baked potatoes, Caesar salad, bread, and vodka.

Instead of putting me in a situation where I had to tiptoe around foods I desperately wanted to eat but couldn’t/shouldn’t, my family actually planned the entire meal to accommodate my new diet! We made pork, asparagus, mushrooms, baked zucchini & yellow squash, collard greens, and mushrooms. There was even fruit for dessert! I should probably confess that I did enjoy a few glasses of champagne – SO not a part of the cleanse, but oh what a cleanse that would be!

Mom, Mary and Scott helping themselves to our guilt free feast!

This may be my first Easter ever that I wasn’t in a sugar induced coma (exaggeration…I have never been hospitalized due to a massive candy ingestion). It was refreshing to leave a holiday meal without feeling like I was so full that I would never eat again. What better way to celebrate the Risen Lord than with a healthy meal, family and friends, and a bit of champagne.

Vanna White-ing my plate




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1 Becky April 8, 2012 at 9:04 pm

You did a lot better than I did! I’m so proud of you, Carolyn, and I’m rooting for you! I’m looking forward to following this blog.


2 Dani April 9, 2012 at 8:48 pm

You look wonderful, dah-ling! Very Vanna, and I love the outfit and bracelet! Lovely!


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