Day 4: You Find Out Who Your Friends Are

by carolyn on April 4, 2012

Today was one of those days where the “everything that can go wrong will” principle was very much in play. I awoke with a bad headache, fever, and generally felt horrible. I began the day and my Cleanse ritual without much enthusiasm and it all went downhill from there.

Nothing truly traumatic happened but paired with my feeling of malaise and my increasingly negative attitude, the following event was immediately processed and broadcasted as a small tragedy.

I had acrylics but recently got them removed so, as you ladies know, my nails are in major recovery mode and are breaking right and left. So I borrowed nail strengthening polish from the best neighbor ever (Hi, Stephenie!) and put myself to work on beautifying my hands. I forgot that my current polish was that newfangled shellac that you have to soak for pretty much forever before it comes off. I was sitting at my gorgeously expensive, I mean gorgeous and expensive, dining room table multitasking while the acetone went to work. Don’t worry, I put a towel down under my hands and the acetone was just on the top of my nails. No problem.

Haha. Got you! I went to move the towel and it was stuck. The acetone had soaked through the towel and adhered itself to the table, through the finish, and settled itself in the wood on the table which was now exposed.

If you survey all of my furniture you will find a wide range of costs/values. My couch is from Goodwill. I bought it during college so you would think it saw its worst days then. But oh no, I have puppies. I probably have only 3/4 of the couch I used to have because Colby and Emma are eating their way through it one piece of foam or cushion at a time. Naturally the table I accidentally destroyed today was at the other end of the spectrum-the designer end. It can be refinished and it will be fine. But remember…Bad day. Small tragedy.

This moment is when I would usually break my cleanse. Okay well usually I wouldn’t be cleansing or honestly dieting, so in a normal day, this would be when I go eat lunch. The table wouldn’t look so bad if I had a belly full of pad thai. I would turn to food.

At the same moment I was texting my top 5 emergency “I’m freaking out over something potentially stupid but it’s the end of my world as I know it so please humor me” contacts, I got a text from sister Mary. (That makes her sound kind of saintly, which really she is). She wrote, “I was thinking this morning about you & your cleanse & i’m so proud of you! I feel like this is going to be a significant event in your life & if you can do this, you can do anything!” To which I lovingly replied, “I just ruined my dining room table.” Ah, sisters. What would we do without each other?

Minutes later my mom called from the cruise. I sent an email earlier asking my parents to call me if they could because I was homesick. “Home is where the heart is,” I wrote, “and two big chunks of my heart are far away on a cruise.” Yes, I literally said that. If you know my mom you are not surprised-she says stuff like that all the time. She is basically Hallmark, Mother Theresa, and Santa Clause all wrapped up in one little Southern Belle. I told her my sob story –  between sobs. It turns out they bought me a tablecloth as a souvenir (apparently they didn’t get the memo that foreign boys and things that sparkle are the Caribbean souvenirs I’m really after). I didn’t have the heart to tell mom on the phone that I kind of actually hate tablecloths (I’ll let her read that here). Nevertheless it’s good timing.

And then Katy showed up on my doorstep with a Chick-fil-a bag. My heart quickened, then stopped. I wouldn’t have been happier if she was giving me a Louis Vuitton bag. She said, “it’s not what you think it is.” I eyed her suspiciously, “…is it Chick-fil-a?” She got me grilled chicken nuggets (which it turns out are delicious) and fruit salad. Both are well within the Cleanse restrictions and it meant the world to me that she answered my “I know pad thai will fix my table” SOS text with a hand-delivered healthy meal.

It felt like torture knowing that I couldn’t use food as a crutch today when things went really awry. I’ve always known that like many people I am sometimes an emotional eater. I’m not the type to go eat a bag of potato chips and chase it with a few pints of ice cream but I at least want some comfort food, and maybe a cosmo, when I’m down.

These ladies each gave me something today that junk food truly can’t: support, solutions, and sustenance.

I don’t feel like a cleanse champion today and I don’t feel confident that I can overcome temptation everyday,  but today was certainly a reminder that when adversity strikes-whether it’s real or imagined-phone a friend. Don’t phone your local pizza or chinese delivery place, even if their number comes up first.


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1 Mary April 6, 2012 at 2:31 pm

Beautiful post! Very well-written and wise! Love you!


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