April 2012

Day 24: 24 Things I Learned From The 24 Day Challenge

April 24, 2012

One should not pregame a cleanse by eating lots of junk food. It actually makes the transition much more difficult. Never attempt a challenge without a friend going through the same thing. You can celebrate Easter without candy. Hangovers are worse during a cleanse. Your food preferences/tolerances really can change so quickly. When I eat […]

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Day 23: How To Organize Your Recipes

April 23, 2012

I’ve been idolizing my cousin, Martha, since at least the age of 15. I think it started around the time that “crunk” and “word up” were linguistically popular. One thing we never agreed on was how “crunk” was spelled, but I defer to her judgment on all other great philosophical questions.¬† It’s a big job […]

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Day 22: Crafty Sunday

April 22, 2012

I love a Lazy Sunday as much as or more than a Sunday Funday. What’s the difference, you ask? That’s another post altogether. My Sunday was decidedly lazy. I spent a great deal of time with Hulu catching up on 30 Rock, The Firm, and other favorite shows. Don’t worry…no spoilers ahead. In the past, […]

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Day 21: Friendship

April 21, 2012

I didn’t really have time to think/write a post today because I was with friends most of the day at the pool. However, I’ve been really consistent with blogging lately and I’m well aware that many of you have been sitting at home by the computer all night waiting for this post. I don’t want […]

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Day 20: Shrimp Ceviche Salad

April 20, 2012

This recipe for Shrimp Ceviche was passed along to me by Katy and is adapted from Simply Recipes. ¬†During a training session earlier this week I handed her a piece of paper, a pen, and the latest copy of Cooking Light and told her to make me a grocery list. Actually, that isn’t even entirely […]

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Day 19: Monthly Motivation

April 19, 2012

When working towards any goal, whether it’s losing weight, saving money, or taking over the world, it’s important to set short term, midterm, and long term goals. Daily reminders, monthly motivators, and long term rewards are great ways to stay focused. Today I want to talk about monthly motivation. This month I have been following […]

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Day 18: Sleepy In Savannah

April 18, 2012

Source: tumblr.com via Carolyn on Pinterest     True story. The past few weeks my sleep has been kinda weird. Some nights I’m restless, some mornings I can barely wakeup. Some days I’m soooooooo energetic (Powerthirst YouTube video reference) while other days I can barely function. The past few days have been of the barely […]

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Day 17: Practically Perfect In Every Way

April 17, 2012

Today I have been practically perfect in every way – Mary Poppins style. Source: theberry.com via love hope on Pinterest   Totally on track with my supplements and food choices and had an awesome workout with Katy today. In fact I’m already sore which makes me a more than a little nervous for tomorrow’s workout. […]

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Day 16: Highs And Lows

April 16, 2012

One of my favorite childhood dinner memories besides the aforementioned massive quantities I consumed was a game we played at the dinner table called “Highs And Lows.” Basically we would go around in a circle and talk about our most favorite (“High”) and least favorite (“Low”) part of our respective days. This may be a […]

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Day 15: These Are My Confessions

April 15, 2012

Today I intended to catch you up on the past few years. Unfortunately there are more pressing matters to disclose. Last night I (a) got really drunk and (b) made terrible food choices…twice. Here’s how it went down: My fave neighbor ever, Stephenie, and I decided to hit up local McDonoughs Bar for some drinks […]

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